The Swiss episode


Being the very first point of halt at Swiss, Grindelwald had high expectations set, but trust me it only exceeded my expectations. Although the village centre was a slightly touristy, the drive to our cottage/part of the cottage was very entertaining as much as its magnificent views. The entertainment bit was from the landlady who came to pick us to the place where we were put up that night. She was such a happy go lucky lady, with funny English (well, praise the lords at least she did talk English). She took us to the local supermarket where we grabbed some food- a ready to bake pepperoni pizza, a few eggs (for my egg loving husband) and some wine. Although a cheap accommodation was what we had booked for, the home in no sense compromised on anything. Every view would have made into a perfect postcard! I mean, how often do you get to sleep overlooking the mountains, listening to a very harmonious jingling of the cow bells and feel the delight of being in one of the prettiest places in the world? Alas, the fundamentals of being nomadic is all about moving on, so there we were, next morning heading to the heights of Jungfrauh– top of the Europe. ย Even today on some nights the image of a tiled house on top the mountains where the cowbells tinkle, resonate in my mind.



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