img_5184_editAn artist who painted a city in his favourite colour- that is Santorini. It’s a living example of how simple can be stylish, that white could be so elegant a colour. Santorini is a perfect marriage of tranquillity, luxury & warmth. A small island, but with numerous lovely viewpoints, Santorini is a little heaven. It is a perfect place for a honeymoon, where you wouldn’t want to do much, but snug, relax, and make love overlooking the sea. And in the evenings, wear the prettiest of a dress, and go for walks holding hands. It is a stunning place where you feel pampered just by being there. I mimicked Santorini and wore a white top with small blue flowers in it. With some Santorini delicacies like the rice served in wine leaves and the Fava, we were Santorini-zed in every way Well, if you think you will travel after you have saved enough, the only thing I must tell you is- you think you have time. img_4998_edit



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