The Venezian way

Venice has fascinated me, from so long- as far as I can remember. It was in one of those Johny Depp’s movies- The Tourist that I had seen Venice more closely. Although I don’t recollect a bit from the movie (other than how gorgeous Angelina looked in that claret red lipstick of hers, and of course Depp’s charm), Venice had struck me hard. A city embedded in water, yet not even tad faded off. Her colours were all darker with the dampness of the green waters. The cities that are live beside waters- they are the gifted ones, for they get to see themselves reflecting when the night onsets. Adorned in gold, she looked like a bride every night. And in the day, the Gondoliers stole the show. With dozens of tourists waiting to catch a ride of a fancy gondola, they show off by playfully rowing the oars and singing romantic songs for the young couples who were in for a ride. One could easily fall in love with a Gondolier. The venetian way of drying their washed clothes by hanging them across a wired line above the le callis or alleyways came as a surprise. One among the several rewards of travelling is not sight-seeing, but understanding that those things you thought could be done in only one way, seen done differently.img_3920_edit



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